Starting out as an EYFS teacher.

Well after a very nice breakfast/lunch made by my lovely man I am ready to review my week as an assistant activity leader at the North York Moors National Park Centre in Danby. I spent most of my time there going out on walks, doing various activities to help children learn about the very special area around Danby. Whilst the children on their trips learnt so much, so did I. I will no doubt start spouting my new found knowledge out on my next visit to the North York Moors.

I also had my first experience of completing a risk assessment. This may seem scary when you have never done one before however it really is not too bad. You just have to think about every possibility of a potential hazard.

There is so much too learn about on a trip to the National Park, but this does not mean these skills cannot be used back at school. I have come away with so many ideas for activities that can be done in any open space, be it your playground, field of hall (though preferably outside). I will write these ideas up on another blog post later.

This week has really embedded my belief that children learn about a subject when it is in context. For example when studying rivers it is much more valuable to actually visit a river than to learn about it in the classroom. As a teacher I hope I will take my children out on many trips that will enhance their learning experience.

Just need to add (for my reference really!) that the B&B Roraima House in Staithes topped everything off! The owners are great and so is the food. Had a lovely room with a four poster bed!


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  1. this is great lydia u have the potential to become a great leader of men!

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