Starting out as an EYFS teacher.

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Reflecting on this first half-term is something I haven’t really found time for yet so here goes…

Well it has been a challenging and enjoyable start to my career. The building work caused a few problems but I’m now getting used to that. Last week I had a box in the middle of my carpet to catch dripping water but I do now have an interactive whiteboard! There have been a few behaviour issues with a very small number of children in our cohort and so we very swiftly put things into place to manage this. The children are great though and I love how at the age of 4 they are so interested in learning. I was working with a child last week who said “this is fun” whilst writing. They only wrote 2 words but they thought it was great. What happens to this enthusiasm as they get older? That is a topic for another time perhaps.

Planning is starting to become slightly less time consuming and so that means I must be getting better at it. I do need to work on my work-life balance. I stay at work until 5.15pm which is as long as I can stay and still have a million things to do. I get home and I really don’t have the energy to do anything for me like start Zumba!

I survived my first observation and whilst it wasn’t a disaster there were some silly things that I could have avoided. I’m putting it down to the first observation nerves. I know exactly what I need to do to improve so next time should be much better.

Talking to parents can be very daunting when you have to tell them something they may not like to hear. In reception you speak to parents regularly so this happened to me quite early on in the term. I now feel more confident about parents consultation day having had so much contact with parents already.

The October holiday will be a chance to catch up on those endless jobs that never seem to get done! I am also going to do some decorating so it’s not all work! I do hope everyone else gets some time for things other than work too 🙂


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