Starting out as an EYFS teacher.

I’ve just had a disappointing experience with KFC and think it’s only fair to warn others about what to expect from them. Ok so I know it’s not 5 star dining but I am still paying for a level of service and I expected slightly more than what I got. After a long motorway journey, I arrived back in my hometown at 9.30pm and had not eaten dinner so KFC seemed like a reasonable option.

Firstly I was let down by the fact that they did not have any chicken gravy which is something I was looking forward to. Secondly I got my food after going through the drive through and there was no ‘dipping sauce’ as described on the menu. So I went inside to ask for some and was told that they don’t normally give it unless you ask for it because it gets wasted! Why would you ask for it if you expect to get it with your meal? Surely it would make sense to just ask you if would like it?

Finally, I had a sip of my drink after eating and it had already gone flat!

Next time I consider KFC I will think again. That’s enough moaning now I think – I promise that my next blog post will be more positive and useful!


Comments on: "KFC- not what it used to be!" (1)

  1. They also do NOT give out hand fresheners now as a matter of routine!!!

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