Starting out as an EYFS teacher.

I thought it would be useful to breifly outline what the transition looks like for my new reception children at our school. It would be great to get some responses to hear what others do to!


As our school have a nursery, for those children moving up it is slightly easier for them as they know the school already. During the summer term we cover the nursery teacher for the odd morning so that the children get used to us. For the other children at other settings we visit them in their setting and offer home visits too. Unfortunately I missed out on the visits to other settings as I wasn’t appointed at that stage!  The parents are invited to an evening meeting and are given a welcome pack and a presentation with all the information about school. We also do 2 ‘stay and play’ seesions both lasting an hour. The first one is with parents and the second is without parents (we had a few crying at this one!). That’s it for now until the children arrive in September. It seems like a long time between now and September but I’m sure it’s going to fly by for me. At a Local Area Partnership meeting last night I picked up a few good tips for transition. One was to send postcards to the children at the end of the summer. I thought this was a good idea so that they don’t forget who you are!


I’ve found this transition process really useful as an NQT as I feel really involved straight away because it’s such a big thing in reception. I’m already getting to know the staff too as I’ve been in school so much. Bring on September!


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