Starting out as an EYFS teacher.

I am now getting very close to the end of my teaching degree. It has flown by! I am now off for a few weeks for Easter so that I can crack on with my essays and find a job. If anyone else is at this stage right now, I’d recommend you sign up with a supply agency. I have and will be earning money in June (woohoo!) and aside from the money it’s good experience.

In preparing us for getting a job, university decided to pick a few unlucky people to do a mock interview infront of a group of about 20 people. I was one of the unlucky bunch and it was a scary thing to do. Although I am very glad I went through it as the feedback I recieved was really useful and I found that after that my first real interview wasn’t as scary. This website was a great help to me when writing my personal statement. It has a good structure for you to follow. There’s also another page with some example interview questions which are useful too. Good luck to you if you are applying for jobs 🙂


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