Starting out as an EYFS teacher.


As this is now my final year at university I am required to undertake a small research project. I realise I in a better position than my friends on other courses who are all doing huge dissertations and in comparison, mine is relatively small. However they have not spent half of their time on teaching practice like me so I feel this is a fair deal 🙂

My research is to be based on a key issue in Early Years education and I am to use the school I am currently placed in. Immediately I think of outdoor learning as the school have just developed their outdoor area for Foundation and this is an area I am really interested in. The only drawback is that I would like to use forest schools as a topic for another assignment and having the same topic of outdoor learning for two assignments is not allowed! I have already made links with forest schools so ditching that would not be an option. So I am now left with another key issue to find that would be relevant to my school. I am quite interested in parental involvement so this may be something to look into. I think the school have also been working on this too so it could be an interesting issue and one that would benefit my classroom practice.

I am going to give myself 1 week to make a decision on this and then I’ll update this post.

Update: (took longer than a week!) I am going to do the outdoor area as the teacher in school thinks this is most relevant to the school. I am allowed to do this too it just means my knowledge won’t be quite as broad as it could be but it will be more in-depth. Now to decide what exactly to focus on.


Early Years Research:

I did come across this site which may be useful for general advice:


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  1. I think parental involvement would be a good one, especially if the school are focusing on it too. Good luck!

    • Thank you! You’re the second person now to say that parental involvement is a good area to research.

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