Starting out as an EYFS teacher.

…Africa! I’ve wanted to do a topic on an African country for a while now so this has come as exciting news to me. I’m hoping my enthusiasm will rub off on the children too. Something I’d really like to do would be to create a partnership school link with another school from another country. This would be a great opportunity to do that although I’m not sure I could do it on my teaching practice as it’s a long term commitment. Something to keep in mind for when I become a qualified teacher though. This website looks good for when the time comes I’d also like to set up a class blog – more on that another time.


This topic should link well with literacy, ICT, art, geography, DT, science, PSHE and some aspects of maths depending on what we do. I would like to start by building on the children’s interests as does my teacher so she is making a mind map with the children to get their ideas. I’ll be meeting with the class teacher this week to discuss where we go from there and what to plan for the beginning of the topic. In the mean time I will be getting in touch with someone at the Centre for Global Education in York to see how they can help me.


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