Starting out as an EYFS teacher.

I just have to do a very quick post on what was so good about today so that I don’t forget.

Firstly there was a lot on creative learning and this helps me a great deal as I am preparing my presentation on ‘A Creative Curriculum’. Mike gave the lecture which was very interesting and raised a good point – Can there really be a creative curriculum? Well I now think it’s the teaching and learning which is creative, whatever curriculum you are working with.

We also had a few visiting headteachers who came to talk to us about what they were doing in their schools to foster creative teaching and learning. We also had a head talking to us about her personal values as part of another lecture which was great. The key message from her was – hold on to what you believe in.

That’s all, I just wanted to make a note of the key points from today. I’m sure I’ll look back at these at some point (I hope I remember!).


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