Starting out as an EYFS teacher.

As I am currently running a resource sharing site for teachers (Primary School Teaching) it has got me thinking about the resources teachers really want to be available on the internet. I’m training to be a teacher and on my most recent placement in school, I found I was mostly hunting for resources I could use without doing much to them such as Powerpoints, worksheets, pictures etc. Is this the same for most teachers?

There are various websites that provide ready-made resources. The once widely used sparklebox has now been replaced by similar sites and they will no doubt be used by many teachers. Of course this is not the only way of obtaining resources, teachers create their own too. This then got me thinking about what happens when teachers create their own resources.  Do they often share them online? Do they have time to upload resources? Well some teachers must as the TES website offers a wealth of resources for its users. So what’s stopping teachers using Primary School Teaching? Is it because it’s not quick and simple enough? Or is it simply because it doesn’t offer anything different to well established sites like the TES? My feeling is it’s both. So what can Primary School Teaching offer that there isn’t already? Perhaps it could adapt to focus more on the picture/worksheet type resources rather than lesson plans. What this focus could include I’m not too sure at the moment. Time for some pondering…

If you have any comments or suggestions, I would interested to hear them.


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