Starting out as an EYFS teacher.

I had been very much looking forward to this week as it was my final week of year 2 and the B&B was great with particularly wonderful cake! Remembering what it was like in my previous visit, I had high expectations and I am pleased to say that everything lived up to my expectations.

This is the lovely place I am talking about

The education team at the visitor centre at Danby are fantastic and children can learn so much from them on a school visit.  I also learnt so much from them too. One of the most important skills for the activity leaders to have was to engage with the children from the moment they meet them and get to know them to find out what level to pitch the activity at. As I have recently been used to teaching 4/5 year olds it was a change for me to spend time with 10/11 year olds. Even simple things like the way you speak to them make a difference so I quickly learn what I needed to adjust. On the final day of the placement a fellow student and I took the role of leader and lead a walk with a group of 12 year 5 (10 year olds) children.  I was nervous about this as the age of the children ment I was slightly out of my comfort zone but I was also excited to show my mentor what I could do. I was pleased with how things went, I managed to remember everything I needed to say and everything went to plan. So all in all, a great week. All trainee teachers should have this brilliant opportuntity to see how great learning can be outside the classroom.

I would like to be able to take a class there on a trip one day as there is so much the centre and the staff have to offer. Until the day comes when I have my own class I may just have to take my younger sister.


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