Starting out as an EYFS teacher.

My second year at university is very nearly over and so we ended with a special conference about Every Child Matters I thought this was a good way to end the year as it brought together some important issues we had learnt about during the year. It was also great to have some Occupational Therapy students there for what was referred to as ‘cross-faculty’ learning. This is similar to how teachers use the term cross-curricular learing I suppose.

The real message of the day was how professionals from different public sectors can work together and impact a child’s life. We had a talk from Lois Addy, a lecturer in health care at the university and she was very good. Her message was that every child has a special need and we, as teachers, should find out what children are good at and promote their skill. We also had a talk from the police which gave us an insight into what they might do if asked to be involved with schools to help protect children. We also had a talk on Global Dimension from Chrissie Dell. This was really interesting and my favourite quote of the day came from Chrissie- ‘It’s not one leap that counts, but every small step!’

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