Starting out as an EYFS teacher.

The title briefly describes my latest works as a trainee teacher. It sounds more like an art student and believe me it feels like it too 🙂 I have been doing an assignment for art and DT which involved me making puppets and a painting. These products sprouted from the theme of oceans which is a good way of working and would work well with a class. I am quite pleased with my puppets however I wish I had thought of something other than painting. Somehow I am always drawn in by paint but then later realise I have not improved much since the last time I tried it!

The Egyptian tomb has been created collaboratively as a humanities assessment. We had to make a resource and so we decided to make an Ancient Egyptian role play area. It took a few hours to create but it was worth it as you can hopefully see in the pictures. We had real homemade hummus to try, Egyptian music, insence stick burning, a mummy inside the tomb (doll wrapped in bandages), and much more. There is also a small written paper to go with it but this is all about the resource so should be straightforward. Now this is my kind of assignment! I feel enthusiastic about this great resource we have made and so this is surely going to rub off when writing the essay.

So 1 essay and 2 exams to go until my 2nd year is done. How quickly it has flown!


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