Starting out as an EYFS teacher.

Well Easter was a busy time for me. I had been given 3 essays to do and had planned a 5 day holiday in Morocco during the final week of the holiday. So I got straight to work on my essays and rarely gave myself a lazy day to ensure I got the essays done. It was very boring and I can safely say I do not like writing essays at all!

The holiday in Morocco was a great break away from writing essays and we saw some very interesting places over there. However what was supposed to be a 5 day holiday turned into a 12 day holiday due to the volcanic ash from Iceland causing a major disruption for Europe’s air travel industry. Easyjet were very kind to us and paid for our 4* hotel and food. The only downside was we booked a flight with Air Moroc through Expedia (I think) in an attempt to get home earlier and they will not refund us.

I have now just about caught up with my uni work and it is a very busy time at the moment. One more essay and 2 exams to go!

Unfortunately the delay meant that I could not do my sponsored walk. However we are planning to do it soon from Leeds to Shipley along the canal.


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