Starting out as an EYFS teacher.

My 21st Birthday

I have reached the desired age of 21. The age everyone seems to want to relive. I thought I really ought to write about this milestone age just to make sure I log some great memories! 

To celebrate I had a fantastic party (fancy dress) in a wonderful house (thanks to my boyfriend). It was a joint party with Dave as we share the same birthday (but not the same age hehe!). The costumes were great, the food/drink was great and the people were great. The next day I have to be honest and say I had some trouble waking up but by the afternoon I was fine. John took me on a lovely walk around the local area and we discovered St. David’s ruins. We returned just as the sun was setting 3 hours later! Good practise for my sponsored walk next month.

On my return to York my lovely housemates had more presents and cake for me 🙂 and we had a somewhat quieter night out. All in all a very good birthday to remember!

Now I am left with some birthday money to spend. I am thinking perhaps a new laptop or netbook as I think I may be out growing this one now.

Finally I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone involved in helping to make the party happen and thank you for all your lovely gifts!


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