Starting out as an EYFS teacher.

Well my placement in a reception class has now begun. I am pleased to say I am happy so far with what I have seen and experienced. It will be challenging as the planning and teaching will be different from my last placement in KS1. I like a challenge so no problems there! I will start teaching in January for 5 weeks and the topic will be dinosaurs and dragons (sounds exciting!). I’m already searching for websites with dinosaur things on for children!

I have also decided to take on the task of making improvents to the outside area. This seems very fitting for me as I have had a placement in the North York Moors recently! (see an earlier blog about this) I have firstly planned activities for a small focus group everyday. Look out for future blogs for more about this.

I will not be making so many blogs over the next few weeks as I will be busy with essays and planning for after Christmas. I will put my planning and related resources onto as and when they are ready.

Just a quick note about Christmas resources- they are available on the above website, just type christmas into the search box.


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