Starting out as an EYFS teacher.

This week I have really had the opportunity to fully understand what an effective provision area should look like and how it should engage children. This was done through a seminar/workshop in which provision areas were set up for us to use and then reflect upon. They were not examples of highly effective provision areas and therefore allowed us to suggest possible improvements. I found this very useful for me as it was ‘hands-on’ and I prefer that style of learning. However not everybody does- this is another aspect to address through teaching and the resources used in provision areas.

I have also looked at ‘enhanced provision areas’; this is when you change something in the area to move the children’s learning on.

Careful thought and planning must go into devising provision areas to ensure that the learner’s needs are met. Questions to consider: Are the resources of good quality? What are the children learning from this? What are the possibilities for adult-led activities? What are the possibilities for child-initiated activities?


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