Starting out as an EYFS teacher.

When doing the topic light a good starting point is to make a den. The book ‘Sally’s Secret’ by Shirley Hughes is a good book that would link to making dens. When making the den, do it with the children so that you can talk about which fabrics would be best at making the den dark. For this use a range of fabric such as black coloured, white coloured, knitted with holes. Once the den is made children can go in and they can be passed things like tin foil, high-vis jacket etc and ask if they can see what it is. Hopefully they won’t be able to tell if the den is dark enough. We very rarely experience true darkness and for the children this may be a new experience for them.

Light tricks such as putting a penny in the bottom of a cup or bowl. One person must stand far enough away so that they cannot see the penny. Another person then slowly pours water into the cup and eventually the other person will slowly see the penny come into view, however the penny is still at the bottom of the cup. This demonstrates how light can bend. Another one can be putting a straw into a clear plastic cup, the straw looks like it’s cut in half.


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